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House washing , Pressure cleaning , Bundaberg

High pressure cleaning equipment
This is some of our high pressure path cleaning equipment.
4500 psi high pressure cleaner
Professional high pressure 30" path cleaning machine
100 metres of high pressure hose 60 metres of inlet hose
Degreasers, Graffiti removers, Rust removal cleaners Concrete cleaners.
We use and recommend Cleanupcrew for larger jobs please follow the link below
Commercial pressure cleaners Bundaberg

As you can see from the pictures below we can easily clean large entertainment areas, driveways and paths.
After high pressure cleaning we leave an anti mould product to keep the area cleaner for longer.

half way through external house cleaning
Cleanupcrew look after the buildings and all at Bundaberg Rum
clean concrete

Any size building
house cleaning
Finished larger pressure cleaning building
clean concrete
The difference pressure cleaning makes
As you can see a regular pressure cleaning service makes a big difference.
The best pubs in town use our pressure cleaning to maintain that clean , fresh look in their beer garden areas.

Bundaberg driveway pressure cleaning

Before a high pressure cleaning
high pressure cleaning

After High pressure cleaning
High pressure cleaning Bundaberg, Bargara
Below is a house high pressure cleaned to add value before auction.
pressure cleaning Bertram-1
pressure cleaning Bertram-2
pressure cleaning Bertram-3
pressure cleaning Bertram-4
pressure cleaning Bertram-5

Avondale Tavern used our high pressure cleaning services.As you can see high pressure cleaning completely cleans mouldy entertainment areas and paths.


Avondale Tavern path cleaning before
Avondale Tavern path cleaning during
Mould is a big workplace health and safety issue. Reduce your liability! Clean those outside public areas now.
Contact us for an immediate high pressure cleaning solution.
Avondale Tavern path cleaning during

Avondale Tavern path cleaning during
Avondale Tavern path cleaning during
Avondale Tavern path cleaning during

High pressure cleaning at a Bundaberg business. If you are serious about presenting your business in a clean, professional way then contact us for a quote.
If you have tried with a domestic pressure cleaner then you will be amazed what can be achieved using commercial 4500 psi path cleaner.

During path cleaning Bundaberg
clean concrete
Our high pressure cleaning service does not leave the streaking that a Gerni does. High pressure nozzles spin just above the surface to remove all mould effectively.
Call or email using our enquiry form for a professional assessment of what will suit your cleaning needs.
clean concrete

After high pressure path cleaning at Bargara
Bargara accomodation Path Cleaning
Bargara accomodation Path Cleaning
What a difference cleaning paths and driveways makes to the presentation of holiday accommodation.

While pressure cleaning driveways Bargara
Bargara accomodation Path Cleaning
Cost effective in reducing falls and slips on mouldy surfaces!
Bargara accomodation Path Cleaning
Contact our team to fix your mouldy driveways.

Concrete garden edging becomes covered in mould. Look below during the mould cleaning.
mould on concrete garden edges
mould on concrete garden edging
For Commercial pressure cleaning we recommend CleanUpCrew

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