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Cleaning before selling house Bundaberg

We provide a complete cleaning service when you are selling your home or property.

Presentation is the major factor in a successful sale, not just the interior but the exterior as well.

The whole property is on display and we will ensure that your house will be clean and tidy for the prospective buyers.
Our pre-sale cleans can save time and money when presenting your property for sale. High pressure cleaning or our proven exterior cleaning methods can bring your painted or hard surfaces back to life, revealing the brightness and removing the need to re-paint.
Pre-sale cleans and make overs will make your house sell easier in a difficult market.

Buyers criticise anything to reduce your asking price...Don't let them!

The build up of dirt and mould is something all homeowners get comfortable with over the years...but not to a set of fresh eyes!
exterior house cleaning

Full Day Exterior Makeover for as little as $400
This is for the full makeover including the front fence and all areas of your property. It has proven to sell houses in a difficult market as they are presented at their best.
Spending this money generally adds at least $10 000 to your properties sale price.
It is guaranteed as money well spent as by experience we have seen our properties sold in a difficult market over houses presented in a lesser condition.
External house washing makes such a difference below is evidence.
during external house washing

Have our exterior detailers spend an entire day preparing your home for sale.
We can just clean the gutters, external walls or brickwork, the paths, driveways or whatever you require.
Contact us for your free pressure cleaning quote.
mouldy driveway before high pressure cleaning
after high pressure cleaning
Before pressure cleaning and house washing
After house washing
Act now these smart people have invested a small amount to earn thousands the the sale price!
We also do many cleans of repossessed houses to ready them for auction. The kitchen from one is below
bond clean bundabergbond clean bundaberg
bond clean bundabergbond clean bundaberg
bond clean bundabergbond clean bundaberg

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